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[1512.03385] Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition
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arXiv:1512.02325v5 [cs.CV] 29 Dec 2016
2 Liu et al. Often detection speed for these approaches is measured in seconds per frame (SPF), and even the fastest high-accuracy detector, Faster R-CNN, operates at only 7 frames
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Adjudication and Decisions |
When FINRA determines that violations of securities rules have occurred and formal disciplinary action is necessary, the Enforcement Department or Market Regulation Department files a complaint with the Office of Hearing Officers (OHO). The Office arranges a three-person panel to hear the case. The ...
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Sold Out! Louisville Slugger has been making bats for MLB since 1886. This is the first Louisville Slugger Saint Louis Cardinals Championship bat sold to the public.
Torture Techniques of the Spanish Inquisition | Owlcation
The ostensible goal of the Inquisition, you'll recall, was the discovery of false converts. In other words, the Inquisition was trying to find out which of the people whom they had forced under penalty of death to convert to Christianity weren't really Christians.. To achieve this end, the Inquisitors employed several means of torture to aid their victims in confessing their hidden allegiance ...
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