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Applera - Wikipedia
Applera Corporation of Norwalk, Connecticut, at #874 on the 2007 Fortune 1000 list, was one of the largest international biotechnology companies based in the United States. It was the successor company to what was the Life Sciences Division of Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Applera was not publicly traded, but instead it consisted of two major groups which are publicly traded tracking stocks in the ...
Applied Biosystems - Wikipedia
Applied Biosystems is one of the various brands under the Life Technologies brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific corporation. The brand is focused on integrated systems for genetic analysis, which include computerized machines and the consumables used within them (such as reagents).. In 2008, a merger between Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen was finalized, creating Life Technologies.
Wellstat Management Corporation | Company Overview
W ellstat Management Company, LLC is a privately held company located in Rockville, Maryland. Wellstat Management's dedicated business executives, attorneys, financial and human resource professionals, information technology specialists, and support personnel provide a variety of services to the Wellstat group of companies.
Products - Quest Diagnostics
For information about the ViroSeq ® HIV‐1 Genotyping Products, please contact Abbott Molecular. Select Country» Products ...
Expression Pathology | Liquid Tissue® Kits
The Liquid Tissue® MS Protein Prep Kit makes it possible to analyze protein expression in new or old formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples for retrospective or prospective analysis, validation, or other research purposes.
SsoAdvanced Universal Probes Supermix Manual - Bio-Rad
SsoAdvanced ™ Universal Probes Supermix Catalog # Supermix Volume Kit Size 172-5280 2 ml (2 x 1 ml vials) 200 x 20 µl reactions 172-5281 5 ml (5 x 1 ml vials) 500 x 20 µl reactions
MAC_Find: Search results for "apple" (Vendor/Ethernet ...
Vendor/Ethernet/Bluetooth MAC Address Lookup and Search. Match your MAC address to its vendor. Match a vendor to the MAC addresses it uses.
KiCqStart® Probe Assays Predesigned probe assays for gene ...
Application Product use: gene expression analysis Features and Benefits KiCqStart ® Probe Assays are sensitive, specific, and will save you time and money by eliminating the tedious steps required to develop an effective probe-based RT-qPCR Assay. The probe is labeled with Sigma’s dark Onyx Quencher ™ (OQ ™), which emits heat instead of light and therefore offers an improved signal-to ...
Business Overview - Frencken Group Limited
Frencken Group Limited ("Frencken") is a global high-tech capital and consumer equipment service provider. We are fully committed towards providing complete and integrated 'one-stop' outsourcing solutions in partnership with our valued customers.
GoTaq® Hot Start Polymerase - Promega Corporation
GoTaq® Hot Start Polymerase contains the high-performance GoTaq® DNA Polymerase bound to a proprietary antibody that blocks polymerase activity until the reaction is heated at 94–95°C for two minutes.