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DOMContentLoaded | MDN
The DOMContentLoaded event fires when the initial HTML document has been completely loaded and parsed, without waiting for stylesheets, images, and subframes to finish loading.
Event reference | MDN
DOM Events are sent to notify code of interesting things that have taken place. Each event is represented by an object which is based on the Event interface, and may have additional custom fields and/or functions used to get additional information about what happened. Events can represent everything from basic user interactions to automated notifications of things happening in the rendering model.
HTML Standard
Many strings in the HTML syntax (e.g. the names of elements and their attributes) are case-insensitive, but only for ASCII upper alphas and ASCII lower alphas.For convenience, in this section this is just referred to as "case-insensitive".
WEBDIR :: 문서의 로드시점 - onload, DOMContentLoaded
질문이 하나 있습니다. $(window).load( function() { > 이거는 3.0 이후로 없어지고 라이브 핸들러 라고 해야하나... ~~.on("load" 이런식으로 사용하는걸로 바뀐걸로 알고있는데요.
onLoadとDOMContentLoadedの違いと実行順序 | Black Everyday Company
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Pure JavaScript equivalent of jQuery's $.ready() - how to ...
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JavaScript Tutorials | HTML Dog
While, generally speaking, HTML is for content and CSS is for presentation, JavaScript is for interactivity. Originally designed for adding small amounts of interactivity to a page (like hovers and animations - you know the kind of thing), JavaScript is now used for almost anything up to large applications and games, and can even be found in servers.