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Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers
Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers. Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow:
Emmet - definition of emmet by The Free Dictionary
em·met (ĕm′ĭt) n. Archaic An ant. [Middle English emete, from Old English ǣmete.] emmet (ˈɛmɪt) n 1. (Animals) Brit an archaic or dialect word for ant 2 ...
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Portrayed by Chris Pratt. Emmet Brickowski is a Minifigure released in 2014, he is the main...
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Emmet — the essential toolkit for web-developers. Emmet is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow:
Robert Emmet - Wikipedia
Robert Emmet (4 March 1778 – 20 September 1803) was an Irish nationalist and Republican, orator and rebel leader. After leading an abortive rebellion against ...
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He carried his dear friend the emmet on his back, and a sad journey they had of it, to be sure!
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Real-time bi-directional edit tool for CSS, LESS and SCSS.