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Epicenter | Definition of Epicenter by Merriam-Webster
Did You Know? The meaning of epi-in epicenter is "over", so the epicenter of an earthquake lies over the center or "focus" of the quake.Epicenter can also refer to the centers of things that may seem in their own way as powerful—though not as destructive—as earthquakes.
Epicenter Sports & Entertainment Complex in Santa Rosa, CA
Epicenter Sports & Entertainment is the largest indoor sports & entertainment complex on the West Coast. Compete, Eat, Play, Bowl & Watch Sports.
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Epicenter | Define Epicenter at
Epicenter definition, a point, directly above the true center of disturbance, from which the shock waves of an earthquake apparently radiate. See more.
EPIcenter will be the hub for new energy technology innovation, education and community engagement, and entrepreneurial incubation and ideation.
Epicenter - Wikipedia
The epicenter, epicentre / ˈ ɛ p ɪ s ɛ n t ər / or epicentrum in seismology is the point on the Earth's surface directly above a hypocenter or focus, the point where an earthquake or an underground explosion originates.
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JOIN US SUNDAYS 9 AM & 11 AM. Come be part of our worship experiences, filled with powerful messages, inspired worship, and high energy children’s services.
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The EpiCenter also houses the E, a complex focused on inspiring people and empowering communities. As Atlanta’s new Town Square, the E serves as a beacon for entertainment, exercise and engagement.