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Evil | Definition of Evil by Merriam-Webster
John Robert Lindsey made a properly evil Monostatos (a dead ringer for the vampire Nosferatu), accompanied by terrifying dogs rather than slaves. — janelle gelfand,, "'The Magic Flute' a surreal visual extravaganza," 16 July 2017
Evil - Wikipedia
Evil, in a general sense, is the opposite or absence of good.It can be an extremely broad concept, though in everyday usage is often used more narrowly to denote profound wickedness.It is generally seen as taking multiple possible forms, such as the form of personal moral evil commonly associated with the word, or impersonal natural evil (as in the case of natural disasters or illnesses), and ...
Evil - definition of evil by The Free Dictionary
That the contrary of a good is an evil is shown by induction: the contrary of health is disease, of courage, cowardice, and so on.
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noun. that which is evil; evil quality, intention, or conduct: to choose the lesser of two evils. the force in nature that governs and gives rise to wickedness and sin. the wicked or immoral part of someone or something: The evil in his nature has destroyed the good. harm; mischief; misfortune: to wish one evil. anything causing injury or harm: Tobacco is considered by some to be an evil.
Evil Synonyms, Evil Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
that which is morally unacceptable . our free will allows us to choose between good and evil
The Concept of Evil (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Since World War II, moral, political, and legal philosophers have become increasingly interested in the concept of evil. This interest has been partly motivated by ascriptions of ‘evil’ by laymen, social scientists, journalists, and politicians as they try to understand and respond to various atrocities and horrors, such as genocides, terrorist attacks, mass murders, and tortures and ...
Evil - New World Encyclopedia
Evil is a term used to describe something that brings about harmful, painful, and unpleasant effects. It is understood to be of three kinds: Moral evil, natural evil, and metaphysical evil. Moral evil is evil human beings volitionally and intentionally originate, and its examples are their cruel, vicious, and unjust thoughts and actions, such as murder. ...
In a large sense, described as the sum of the opposition, which experience shows to exist in the universe, to the desires and needs of individuals; whence arises, among human beings at least, the sufferings in which life abounds
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