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A lieutenant (abbreviated Lt, LT, Lieut and similar) is a junior most commissioned officer in the armed forces, fire services, police and other organizations of many nations.. The meaning of lieutenant differs in different military (see comparative military ranks), but is often subdivided into senior (first lieutenant) and junior (second lieutenant and even third lieutenant) ranks.
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b: a commissioned officer in the navy or coast guard ranking above a lieutenant junior grade and below a lieutenant commander. c: a fire or police department officer ranking below a captain
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The serjeant then acquainted his lieutenant, who was the commanding officer, that they had picked up two fellows in that day's march, one of which, he said, was as fine a man as ever he saw (meaning the tippler), for that he was near six feet, well proportioned, and strongly limbed; and the other (meaning Jones) would do well enough for the rear rank.
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Lieutenant: Lieutenant, company grade officer, the lowest rank of commissioned officer in most armies of the world. The lieutenant normally commands a small tactical unit such as a platoon. In the British Army and in the United States Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps, a second lieutenant is the lowest ranking
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Lieutenant (typically pronounced as "loo-tenant" or "lef-tenant" in British English) is a military rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations.As a traditional naval rank, lieutenant is the grade between ensign and lieutenant commander.In infantry, lieutenant is the lowest officer grade, falling below captain.