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Here Be Graphs: MMOGChart Updates | Rock Paper Shotgun
Bruce Woodcock’s has updated with his latest tracking of MMO subscriptions. You may be able to guess what the bright green line disappearing into the sky is. His graphs can be found here along with analysis over here. And I pick up the highlights beneath the cut… To be honest, the ... updated - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot
interesting, and inaccurate. As always.teebeenz Ive heard all the same arguments over and over when ever this website it brought up, as always. This is what it comes down to, if this website is so ...
Mmogchart : mmogchart - traffic statistics - HypeStat receives about 106 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 3,859,743 in the world. links to network IP address Find more data about mmogchart.
MMOGCHART.COM Updated - Quarter To Three Forums
MMOGCHART.COM Updated. Games. SirBruce 2006-05-29 06:07:38 UTC #1. A lot of people have been waiting for me to update my MMOG subscription charts and research for a long while now, and I finally have a new version out. Lots of new data to mull over. Thanks to everyone for their support and patience! - SharkJumping As massively multiplyer games grow in importance, both core and casual, there is a lot of discussion about what the actual subscriber numbers are for certain games, and what is the potential overall market for these games. Update - Slashdot
I don't know how I missed it but last week Bruce Woodcock updated his highly informative site,, for the first time in months. His data only goes out to late last year, but he promises another update soon. From the Edge Online blurb: "The charts, neatly broken into separate genre-giants...
For those who follow MMOGCHART.. | Stratics Community Forums

A new chart was added yesterday. Remember when Jeremy came in an hinted at the last increase being accurate? I'm curious if she will chime in now. To me,given the fact that she acknowledged the increase as valid, I can also draw the same about the newly published decrease.
Bruce Woodcock (computer games analyst) - Wikipedia
Bruce Sterling Woodcock (born 1970) is an American computer and video games industry analyst, best known for his work on subscription tracking of massively multiplayer online games via his website MMOGCHART.COM.