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Bootstrap Snippet Portlets (like panels) using HTML CSS ...
Bootstrap example of Portlets (like panels) using HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS. Snippet by keenthemes - The Latest PortletBodyColor News and ...
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Changing the background color of a portlet |JBoss Developer
Hi, I developed some simple portles using the default theme. Each portlet developed with the default theme has the white background color. I tried to
Change portlet border with .css | Oracle Community
So far have tried to use .PortletBodyColor and .PortletHeaderColor. Are there any one that have managed to change border style with .css? Regards, Jorunn. 206 Views Tags: 1. Re: Change portlet border with .css. 443063 Apr 29, 2005 9:02 PM (in ...
Defining Styles for Portlets -
In the Style Element Properties section, choose Portlet Body Color. For a list and description of style element properties relevant to portlets, see Section 11.3.3, "Portlets". Click a color in the color palette, or enter the color's hexadecimal value in the Background Color field, for example #CCFFFF.
Basic Portlet Styling in Liferay - XTIVIA
If you want to target it, be sure to qualify it as .portlet-boundary > .portlet-b ody or .portlet-content-container > .portlet-boundary. (From my experience, though, you’ll get the same results just as easily in the latter case by just targeting .portlet-content-container .
Portlet - Brecons Tag Helper for ASP.NET Core
The tag helper is the container of each portlet element and provides global attributes for portlet rendering and styling. Header A header for the portlet can added with the tag helper.
Package wwui_api_portlet - Oracle
-a portlet instance refers to the placement of an individual portlet on a Oracle Portal page. -user customizations are values that a user can modify to change the appearance/content of individual portlet.
WebDB 3.0 navigator bar style | Oracle Community
Therefore, when you change the portlet body color for one page, you do so for all pages adhering to that style. If you are including a portlet created within Oracle Portal, however, keep in mind that the portlet body color you set for the page may be overriden by the style chosen for the object itself.
Pages Documentation - v2.1.0
To make the portlet body scrollable, simply add .scrollable to the .panel-body. Then create a new wrapper element as the immediate child of the .panel-body containing the all the content and set it a height or max-height. ... Text color of the panel body can also be changed by adding any .text-* contextual color class Basic Portlets ...