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Provide | Definition of Provide by Merriam-Webster
The Web site provides information about local activities. The curtains on the windows provide privacy. The school provided new uniforms for the band. The goal is to provide health care to as many people as possible. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided at the meeting. The Web site provides users with information about local activities. The school provided the band with new uniforms.
Provides - definition of provides by The Free Dictionary
3. To set down as a stipulation or requirement: an agreement that provides deadlines for completion of the work.
Provide | Define Provide at
verb (mainly tr). to put at the disposal of; furnish or supply; to afford; yield this meeting provides an opportunity to talk (intr; often foll by for or against) to take careful precautions (over) he provided against financial ruin by wise investment (intr foll by for) to supply means of support (to), esp financially he provides for his family(in statutes, documents, etc) to determine (what ...
Provide Synonyms, Provide Antonyms - Merriam-Webster
to put (something) into the possession of someone for use or consumption this luxury hotel provides all the comforts of home to well-heeled vacationers
provide | Definition of provide in English by Oxford ...
‘The plan for the huge event provides for 25 miles of electric cable and a 50,000 gallon water supply.’ ‘Regarding the individual area development plan, does zoning provide for parks, playgrounds and shopping nearby?’
provide - Dictionary Definition :
The verb provide generally means to make available or even to allow. The Constitution, for example, provides for protected freedom of speech. But you've probably also heard people talking about getting a job to provide for their family — in that case, to provide means to make money to pay for food and bills, or in other words, bring home the bacon.