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Release | Definition of Release by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for release. Verb (1) free, release, liberate, emancipate, manumit mean to set loose from restraint or constraint. free implies a usually permanent removal from whatever binds, confines, entangles, or oppresses. freed the animals from their cages release suggests a setting loose from confinement, restraint, or a state of pressure or tension, often without implication ...
Release - definition of release by The Free Dictionary
c. To cause or allow to move away or spread from a source or place of confinement: cells that release histamine.
Release | Define Release at
1. Release, free, dismiss, discharge, liberate, emancipate may all mean to set at liberty, let loose, or let go. Release and free, when applied to persons, suggest a helpful action. Both may be used (not always interchangeably) of delivering a person from confinement or obligation: to free or release prisoners. Free (less often, release) is also used for delivering a person from pain, sorrow ...
Release legal definition of release - Legal Dictionary
RELEASE. Releases are of two kinds. 1. Such as give up, discharge, or abandon a right of action. 2. Such as convey a man's interest or right to another, who has possession of it, or some estate in the same.
Release Synonyms, Release Antonyms |
Until that ecstasy of release should come, he would do his duty,—yes, his duty. Release can come only when the race at large is willing to cast the evil thing off.
RELEASE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
release definition: 1. to give freedom or free movement to someone or something: 2. to move a device from a fixed position to allow it to move freely: 3. to fire a bomb or a missile (= flying weapon), or to allow it to fall: . Learn more.
Release - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
to discharge or distribute someone to someone. The judge released the defendant to his mother. Don was released by the police to his father, who was more than a little bit angry.
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