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Topology, as a well-defined mathematical discipline, originates in the early part of the twentieth century, but some isolated results can be traced back several centuries.
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Define topology: topographic study of a particular place; specifically : the history of a region as indicated by its… — topology in a sentence
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Define topology. topology synonyms, topology pronunciation, topology translation, English dictionary definition of topology. n. pl. to·pol·o·gies 1. Topographic study of a given place, especially the history of a region as indicated by its topography.
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This definition explains what a network topology is and the difference between a physical and logical topology. We also briefly explain topologies including star, bus, mesh and ring.
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Topology is the study of shapes and spaces. What happens if one allows geometric objects to be stretched or squeezed but not broken? In fact there’s quite a bit of structure in what remains, which is the principal subject of study in topology.
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Topology definition, the study of those properties of geometric forms that remain invariant under certain transformations, as bending or stretching. See more.
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General Topology is based solely on set theory and concerns itself with structures of sets. It is at its core a generalization of the concept of distance, though this will not be immediately apparent for the novice student.
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Network topology is the arrangement of the various elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a communication network.. Network topology is the topological structure of a network and may be depicted physically or logically.