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occam is a programming language which is concurrent and builds on the communicating sequential processes (CSP) process algebra, and shares many of its features. It is named after philosopher William of Ockham for whom Occam's razor is named.. occam is an imperative procedural language (such as Pascal).It was developed by David May and others at Inmos (trademark INMOS), advised by Tony Hoare ...
Developments Using Occam: OUG-8 Proceedings of the 8th ...
Developments Using Occam: OUG-8 Proceedings of the 8th Occam User Group Technical Meeting, 27-28 March 1988, Sheffield, UK (Transputer & Occam Engineering) [J. Kerridge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.
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transponder - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions
Circuitry Synonyms, Circuitry Antonyms |
Much of the circuitry was assigned to the electronics department. Leoh made a final check of the controls and circuitry, then put in the last call to the tense little group in Dulaq's room.
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Crypto Projects. hashcash partial hash collision based proof-of-work algorithm (used as the mining function in bitcoin and for anti-DoS in email various systems) ; credlib credential library with chaum and brands ecash/credentials.; Cebolla pragmatic IP anonymity; PGP Stealth software to add steganography support to pgp2.x; OpenPGP; implementations and libraries
Punched Card Systems | The National Museum of Computing
When data came on cards. Long before electronic computers became available, many offices were already mechanised and used sophisticated punched card machines for the production of payroll, accounts, and stock control.
MINIX - Wikipedia
MINIX (from "mini-Unix") is a POSIX-compliant (since version 2.0), Unix-like operating system based on a microkernel architecture.. Early versions of MINIX were created by Andrew S. Tanenbaum for educational purposes. Starting with MINIX 3, the primary aim of development shifted from education to the creation of a highly reliable and self-healing microkernel OS.
Custom-IC's - Atari
The 68882 is the pin to pin hardware compatible drop in replacement for the 68881 (MC) but with a variety of Performance Enhancements / Circuitry that allows execution of multiple instructions in for more than 2X - 4X the floating point performance of the 68881.
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Julia St John, Actress: The Brittas Empire. Julia St John was born on January 4, 1960 in England. She is an actress, known for The Brittas Empire (1991), The Young Victoria (2009) and G.B.H. (1991).
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Visit the museum. See 70 years of computing progress. Colossus and Bombe open daily. The rest of the museum is open to the public on afternoons of Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, most bank holidays plus other times.