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Admit | Definition of Admit by Merriam-Webster
You know you're wrong! Admit it!. I hate to admit it, but he's right.. This ticket admits one person.. He admitted them into his office.. They refused to admit her to the club.. The patient was very sick when she was admitted to the hospital.
Admit | Define Admit at
Admit definition, to allow to enter; grant or afford entrance to: to admit a student to college. See more.
Admit - definition of admit by The Free Dictionary
a. To grant to be real, valid, or true; acknowledge or concede: Even proponents of the technology admit that it doesn't always work as well as it should.
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admit - Dictionary Definition :
When you admit something, you confess that it happened. It wasn't easy to admit that you'd broken the vase, but how else could you explain that your hand was glued to it?
Admit dictionary definition | admit defined
An example of admit is to tell the truth about stealing an item from a store.
Admit Synonyms, Admit Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
acknowledge, admit, own, avow, confess mean to disclose against one's will or inclination. acknowledge implies the disclosing of something that has been or might be concealed.
admit | Definition of admit in English by Oxford Dictionaries
Definition of admit - confess to be true or to be the case, allow (someone) to enter a place, accept as valid, allow the possibility of
admit - Wiktionary
Rhymes: -ɪt Verb []. admit (third-person singular simple present admits, present participle admitting, simple past and past participle admitted) To allow to enter; to grant entrance, whether into a place, or into the mind, or consideration; to receive; to take