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Circular | Definition of Circular by Merriam-Webster
Adjective. That planet has a more circular orbit than our planet does. a rather circular discussion of the problem that never addresses it directly . Noun. According to the circular, eggs are on sale this week. promptly tosses out those advertising circulars that come in the newspaper
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(of a letter, memorandum, etc.) addressed to a number of persons or intended for general circulation.
Circular - definition of circular by The Free Dictionary
cir·cu·lar (sûr′kyə-lər) adj. 1. Of or relating to a circle. 2. a. Shaped like or nearly like a circle; round. b. Moving in or forming a circle. 3. Circuitous; roundabout: took a circular route to the office. 4. Using a premise to prove a conclusion that in turn is used to prove the premise: a circular argument. 5. Defining one word in terms of ...
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Circular windows at this period came into vogue in the gables of churches. Fore and aft were circular partitions of steel, like drumheads. What if the orbit of Darwinism should be a little too circular?
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Here, in the transept and choir, where the service was being held, one was conscious every moment of an increasing brightness; colours glowing vividly beneath the circular chandeliers, and the rows of small lights on the choristers' desks flashed and sparkled in front of the boys' faces, deep linen collars, and red neckbands.
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Circular - Wikipedia
Circular may refer to: . The shape of a circle. Circular reasoning, a type of logical fallacy; Circular reference; Circular letter, forms of communication used in conveying information and directives within an organization.It is sometimes called office instructions Flyer (pamphlet), a form of advertisement Circular Letter (Interlingua), an early Interlingua newsletter published from 1954 to ...