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The Clearfix: Force an Element To Self-Clear its Children ...
A native property would be very welcome. I can’t find any useful explanations when I google things like “why is there no native clearfix in css”.
CSS - the clearfix hack - Learn CSS Layout
the clearfix hack. Here is a weird, bad thing that can sometimes happen when using floats: img {float: right;}
A new micro clearfix hack – Nicolas Gallagher
The clearfix hack is a popular way to contain floats without resorting to using presentational markup. This article presents an update to the clearfix method that further reduces the amount of CSS required.
Clearing a float container without source markup
This demo shows a bug in IE when multiple floats are in a 'widthless' container.
Demo: A new micro clearfix hack — Nicolas Gallagher
Micro clearfix demo. Float. Float
CSS - clearfix 핵
clearfix 핵. 다음은 float를 사용할 때 때때로 일어날 수 있는 이상하고 바람직하지 않은 경우입니다.. img {float: right;}
CSS - 清除浮动(clearfix hack)
见证奇迹的时刻到了!有一种比较丑陋的方法可以解决这个问题,它叫做清除浮动(clearfix hack).. 让我们加入一些新的CSS样式: .clearfix {overflow: auto;}. 现在再看看发生了什么:
floatを解除する手法のclearfix と 次世代のレイアウトの話|Web Design KOJIKA17
2011年にclearfixについて記事を書きましたが、Micro clearfixなどの新しい手法も出てきました。 記事を書いてから2年が経ち、色々思うところも出てきたので、改めてclearfixについて書きます。
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