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Controversy | Definition of Controversy by Merriam-Webster
Controversy definition is - a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views : dispute. How to use controversy in a sentence.
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Our age is too enlightened to contend upon topics which concern only the interests of eternity; the men who hold in proper contempt all controversies about trifles, except such as inflame their own passions, have made it a commonplace censure against your ancestors, that their zeal was enkindled by subjects of trivial importance; and that however aggrieved by the intolerance of others, they ...
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Controversy definition, a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion. See more.
Controversy - Wikipedia
Controversy is a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view. The word was coined from the Latin controversia, as a composite of controversus – "turned in an opposite direction," from contra – "against" – and vertere – to turn, or versus (see verse), hence, "to turn against."
Controversy - definition of controversy by The Free Dictionary
con·tro·ver·sy (kŏn′trə-vûr′sē) n. pl. con·tro·ver·sies 1. A dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views. 2. The act or practice of engaging in such disputes: writers skilled at controversy. [Middle English controversie, from Latin contrōversia, from contrōversus, disputed : contrō- (variant of contrā, contra ...
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Synonyms for controversies at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for controversies.
A Jesuit high school in Indianapolis, Indiana will no longer be recognized as Catholic by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis because it refuses to fire a teacher who’s in a same-sex marriage.
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A storm of retractions, corrections, data irregularities and controversy over duplicate publication are destroying the credibility of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab.
Oregon's Republican senators are in hiding over a Democrat-backed carbon cap and spend bill, hoping to run out the clock on voting on the measure; Dan Springer reports from Salem, Oregon.
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Controversies Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's Former Mentor: 'The People at Facebook Live in Their Own Bubble' Early investor Roger McNamee explains his concerns about the platform's trajectory. Nina ...