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Creditor | Definition of Creditor by Merriam-Webster
How It Works. There are generally two types of creditors: personal and real.Personal creditors are people who loan money to friends or family. Real creditors are financial entities who require borrowers to sign legal contracts that grant the creditor some sort of collateral-- e.g. car, house, jewelry -- if the borrower fails to repay the loan.. Let's look at a scenario with a real creditor ...
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Creditor definition, a person or firm to whom money is due (opposed to debtor). See more.
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A creditor is an entity (person or institution) that extends credit by giving another entity permission to borrow money intended to be repaid in the future.
Creditor - Wikipedia
A creditor is a party (e.g., person, organization, company, or government) that has a claim on the services of a second party. It is a person or institution to whom money is owed. The first party, in general, has provided some property or service to the second party under the assumption (usually enforced by contract) that the second party will return an equivalent property and service.
Creditor | definition of creditor by Medical dictionary
A distinguished gentleman of this city, H H , Esquire, having been compelled to SUSPEND, in consequence of the late robbery of the Bank of the United States by the cold-blooded miscreant whose hoary head disgraces the White House, felt himself bound to return an article of dress, purchased as recently as yesterday by his lovely daughter, and who, in every respect, was entitled to wear it, as ...
Creditor legal definition of creditor - Legal Dictionary
Creditor. An individual to whom an obligation is owed because he or she has given something of value in exchange. One who may legally demand and receive money, either through the fulfillment of a contract or due to injury sustained as a result of another's Negligence or intentionally wrongful act. The term creditor is also used to describe an individual who is engaged in the business of ...
What is the distinction between debtor and creditor ...
What is the distinction between debtor and creditor? A debtor is a person or enterprise that owes money to another party. (The party to whom the money is owed is often a supplier or bank that will be referred to as the creditor.). A creditor is a person, bank, or other enterprise that has lent money or extended credit to another party. (The party to whom the credit has been granted is often a ...
CREDITOR | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
A critic of the data protection regime might note that the legislation protects debtors with more force than it does creditors.
Creditors - definition of Creditors by The Free Dictionary
Any entity (including a person, company, or government) that provides credit. A debtor owes payments, financial or otherwise, to a creditor.
Judgment creditor legal definition of judgment creditor
Judgment Creditor. A party to which a debt is owed that has proved the debt in a legal proceeding and that is entitled to use judicial process to collect the debt; the owner of an unsatisfied court decision.