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dancer - a performer who dances professionally professional dancer, terpsichorean ballet dancer - a trained dancer who is a member of a ballet company ballet master - a man who directs and teaches and rehearses dancers for a ballet company
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Best dancer in history, hands down. This is a movie, however, for everyone, not just dancers. I do think those who aren't 'into' dance will be after seeing this doc! This was one of the most interesting and beautiful documentaries I have seen, and I have viewed a lot of them. The movie was fresh throughout, whereas some docs either start fresh ...
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Dancer is filled with breathtaking, gravity-defying athleticism as the dancer Sergei Polunin leaps from a poor childhood in Ukraine to principal at the Royal Ballet in London.
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a person who dances. a person who dances professionally, as on the stage.
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Dance partnering – a male dancer assists a female dancer in performing an arabesque, as part of a classical pas de deux. Acrobatic dance – an acro dancer performs a front aerial. A dancer performs a "toe rise", in which she rises from a kneeling position to a standing position on the tops of her feet
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The dancer—she on whose witching graces every glance was bent—was Maritaa! He had great talent as a dancer, but that was the least of his excellent qualities. I only knew the dancer by sight, for I had never spoken to her. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she was a dancer named Binetti.
The best dancer ever................... world,s Best Dance Performance......
Hello Friends Multi Style Dance Club Presents Many type of dance like #Twerk Dance #Pole Dance #Booty Dance #Dance Tutorials #Dance Classis hall and Vogue Queen -Dancer teacher and choreographer ...
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Every dancer is agile, graceful, and charming. Where as bards are varied and lack a true focus, Dancers have a set path, chosen willingly. Dancers favor agility and litheness over showings of brute strength. Some Dancers favor charismatic persuasion over combat.
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