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Especially | Definition of Especially by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. Another great feature—especially for uneven pavement or gravel lots—is the cooker's legs, which adjust independently to make sure the grilltop is flat even on unbalanced surfaces. — The Si Staff,, "Get Ready for Fall with These Must-Have Tailgating Accessories," 31 Aug. 2017 The stabilizing effect is strongest when external engagement is especially likely.
Especially - definition of especially by The Free Dictionary
1. 'especially' You use especially to show that what you are saying applies more to one thing or situation than to others.
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Foreigners, especially Greeks, begin to dominate the country. As for my brother, he seemed enchanted with the sight, and especially with the ladies.
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An example of especially is when someone is a really a great cardplayer. An example of especially is when a particular car like a Ferrari is nicer than all other cars.
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Definition of especially - used to single out one person or thing over all others, to a great extent; very much
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Question. What is the difference between specially and especially?? – Mary, United States Answer. The meanings and usage of these two similar-sounding words overlap quite a bit, so it can be hard to figure out which one to use when.
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Especially, chiefly, particularly, principally refer to those cases that seem to be significant. Especially and particularly single out the most prominent case or example (often in order to particularize a general statement): Winter is especially severe on old people. Corn grows well in the Middle West, particularly in Iowa. Chiefly and principally imply that the general statement applies to a ...