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Type.GetType Method (String) (System) -
GetType GetType only works on assemblies loaded from disk. If you call GetType to look up a type defined in a dynamic assembly defined using the System.Reflection ...
GetType Operator (Visual Basic) | Microsoft Docs
Remarks. The GetType operator returns the Type object for the specified typename. You can pass the name of any defined type in typename. This includes the following:
PHP: gettype - Manual
@langpavel at phpskelet dot org Doesn't the gettype return the string already? Using get_class seems to be the only "useful" part of that solution.
Type.GetType Method (System) -
Gets the Type with the specified name, performing a case-sensitive search. GetType(String, Boolean) Gets the Type with the specified name, performing a case-sensitive ...
Gettype -
Gettype is deprecated, and is not guaranteed to be supported in future releases of Windows. This tool is included in Windows Server 2003 . For more ...
GetType() - C# / C Sharp
Hi, I am currently using the base class GetType() in the following way and was woundering if there was a different way of looking at types and doing a comparison for
Type.GetType Method (System) -
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typeOf() Vs Type.GetType() -
If I am not mistaken, and I could be, typeOf(object obj) allows you to get the defining type of an object. While GetType() is an actual method that is ...
C# GetType Method - Dot Net Perls
This C# program shows the result of the GetType method. GetType returns a Type object.