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GetType Operator (Visual Basic) | Microsoft Docs
Remarks. The GetType operator returns the Type object for the specified typename. You can pass the name of any defined type in typename. This includes the following:
c# - Type Checking: typeof, GetType, or is? - Stack Overflow
I've seen many people use the following code: Type t = typeof(obj1); if (t == typeof(int)) // Some code here But I know you could also do this: if (obj1.GetType ...
typeof (C# Reference) | Microsoft Docs
Used to obtain the System.Type object for a type. A typeof expression takes the following form: System.Type type = typeof(int); Remarks. To obtain the run-time type ...
c# - Type.GetType("namespace.a.b.ClassName") returns null ...
This code: Type.GetType("namespace.a.b.ClassName") returns null. and I have in the usings: using namespace.a.b; Update: The type exists, it's in a different class ...
Interface Attributes - SAX
getType public java.lang.String getType(java.lang.String uri, java.lang.String localName) Look up an attribute's type by Namespace name.
City/Parish Promotional Listing
Promotional Announcement : Only Classified City-Parish employees may apply Applications are accepted on a promotional basis for the following employment opening(s).
City/Parish Open Competitive Listing
City of Baton Rouge-Parish of East Baton Rouge web page displays information on HR's employment opportunities.
GDAL: ogr_api.h File Reference
This function attempts to create a new data source based on the passed driver. The papszOptions argument can be used to control driver specific creation options.
A working RTF to HTML converter in PHP | Independent Software
In a recent project, I desperately needed an RTF to HTML converter written in PHP. Googling around turned up some matches, but I could not get them to work properly.
TypeOf, Gettype, == is et les autres -
Bonsoir J'avoue me perdre régulierement dans la jungle des 1001 maniere de traiter les Types en .NET Et franchement ni google ni msdn ne sont des amis