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High | Definition of High by Merriam-Webster
High definition is - rising or extending upward a great distance : taller than average, usual, or expected. How to use high in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of high.
High | Definition of High at
High is a general term, and denotes either extension upward or position at a considerable height: six feet high; a high shelf. Lofty denotes imposing or even inspiring height: lofty crags. Tall is applied either to something that is high in proportion to its breadth, or to anything higher than the average of its kind: a tall tree, building.
High - definition of high by The Free Dictionary
Define high. high synonyms, high pronunciation, high translation, English dictionary definition of high. adj. high·er , high·est 1. a. Having a relatively great elevation; extending far upward: a high mountain; a high tower. b. Extending a specified distance...
High Synonyms, High Antonyms |
Synonyms for high at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for high.
High Synonyms, High Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
high implies marked extension upward and is applied chiefly to things which rise from a base or foundation or are placed at a conspicuous height above a lower level. a high hill a high ceiling tall applies to what grows or rises high by comparison with others of its kind and usually implies relative narrowness.
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