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Health Information National Trends Survey | HINTS
HINTS collects data about the use of cancer and health-related information by the American public and provides it for free public use.
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Synonyms for hints at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for hints.
The HINTS exam - YouTube
Who to perform the HINTS exam on, how to perform it, and how to interpret the result.
Take a HINTS - Emergency Physicians Monthly
A 65-year-old gentleman with hypertension and hyperlipidemia presents to your emergency department one evening complaining of continuous vertigo that began suddenly two hours prior to arrival. He notes significant head motion intolerance, is nauseated, and has vomited several times. On exam, he has horizontal nystagmus in lateral gaze, is very unsteady on his feet, but otherwiseRead More
Hints - definition of hints by The Free Dictionary
hint (hĭnt) n. 1. A slight indication or intimation: wanted to avoid any hint of scandal. 2. a. A brief or indirect suggestion; a tip: stock-trading hints. b. A statement conveying information in an indirect fashion; a clue: Give me a hint about the big news. 3. A barely perceptible amount: just a hint of color. 4. Archaic An occasion; an opportunity ...
Learn More About HINTS | HINTS
The HINTS data collection program was created to monitor changes in the rapidly evolving field of health communication.
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b: an indirect or general suggestion for how to do or solve something . helpful hints for inexperienced cooks; can't tell you the answer but can give you a hint
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Hint definition, an indirect, covert, or helpful suggestion; clue: Give me a hint as to his identity. See more.
Universal Hint System: Not your ordinary walkthrough. Just ...
The Universal Hint System gives you just the hints you need to solve hundreds of computer games. Unlike traditional walkthroughs, the UHS lets you select specific questions and view only as much information as you want, so you can have more fun finishing the game on your own.
Clinical Question. Is the HINTS exam (Head-Impulse—Nystagmus—Test-of-Skew) more sensitive for diagnosing stroke than early MRI diffusion-weighted imaging in Acute Vestibular Syndrome?