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HPPA Redange Home Pour Personnes Agées St François 2, rue de l'Hôpital L-8509 REDANGE/ATTERT Tel : 23643-1
PA-RISC - Wikipedia
PA-RISC is an instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by Hewlett-Packard.As the name implies, it is a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) architecture, where the PA stands for Precision Architecture.The design is also referred to as HP/PA for Hewlett Packard Precision Architecture.. The architecture was introduced on 26 February 1986, when the HP 3000 Series 930 and HP 9000 Model 840 ...
weapon systems - E.F.N.I
This page illustrates the main weapon systems embarked on the ships of E.F.N.I., and the other EA systems that, even if are not in use in the E.F.N.I., are intresting from the technical point of view.
HP 9000 - Wikipedia
HP 9000 is a line of workstation and server computer systems produced by the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP). The native operating system for almost all HP 9000 systems is HP-UX, which is based on UNIX System V.The HP 9000 brand was introduced in 1984 to encompass several existing technical workstation models previously launched in the early 1980s. : Solvay Kalix 9950 (HPPA 9950) BK Black ...
Solvay Kalix 9950 Black HPPA Resin Packing:25kg/bag We can give discount according to order quantity
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Vasta gamma di Compounds, Polimeri e Additivi - Nevicolor Spa
Effettua la ricerca nella vasta gamma di Compounds, Polimeri e Additivi che la Nevicolor produce e distribuisce.
OpenBSD FAQ: Installation Guide
Overview of the Installation Procedure The OpenBSD installer uses a special ramdisk kernel (bsd.rd) that spawns a live environment running entirely in memory.It contains the install script and a small number of utilities needed to perform a complete installation.