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Implode | Definition of Implode by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. But for the time being, Boulton’s plans for higher office have imploded. — Ed Kilgore, Daily Intelligencer, "Iowa Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Forced Out of Race by Groping Allegations," 24 May 2018 In the second year of the Bush presidency, responding to implacable pressures from the Reagan and Bush administrations, the Soviet Union imploded.
Implode | Define Implode at
Contemporary Examples. of implode. The opening bluff in this game has already been called—the economy will not implode next week due to the sequester cuts.
Implode - definition of implode by The Free Dictionary
Heist films come in two flavors: films noirs like The Asphalt Jungle and Dog Day Afternoon in which the well-laid plans of a crew of thieves unravel and implode, and cunning capers like To Catch a Thief and The Thomas Crown Affair in which a clever thief outwits both the cops and the audience.
PHP: implode - Manual
Join array elements with a glue string.. Note: . implode() can, for historical reasons, accept its parameters in either order. For consistency with explode(), however, it may be less confusing to use the documented order of arguments.
implode - Dictionary Definition :
When something implodes, it explodes inward — instead of outward. With extremely large buildings, it helps to implode them rather than explode them, because by falling inward they take up less space.
PHP implode() Function - W3Schools
The implode() function returns a string from the elements of an array. Note: The implode() function accept its parameters in either order. However, for consistency with explode(), you should use the documented order of arguments. Note: The separator parameter of implode() is optional. However, it is ...
IMPLODE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
In place of wars of national liberation or counter-insurgency, violence both exploded and imploded, through both transnational and sub-national armed conflicts.
Imploded - definition of imploded by The Free Dictionary
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Magnetically imploded tubes called liners, intended to help produce controlled nuclear fusion at scientific "break-even" energies or better within the next few years, have functioned successfully in preliminary tests.
Implosion (mechanical process) - Wikipedia
Implosion is a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing (or being squeezed in) on themselves. The opposite of explosion, implosion concentrates matter and energy.True implosion usually involves a difference between internal (lower) and external (higher) pressure, or inward and outward forces, that is so large that the structure collapses inward into itself, or into the space it ...
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