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Incipient | Definition of Incipient by Merriam-Webster
Incipient definition is - beginning to come into being or to become apparent. How to use incipient in a sentence. Did You Know?
Incipient | Definition of Incipient at
Incipient definition, beginning to exist or appear; in an initial stage: an incipient cold.
Incipient - definition of incipient by The Free Dictionary
Definition, Synonyms, Translations of incipient by The Free Dictionary
INCIPIENT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
The incipient channels grow through the self-reinforcing interaction of the focusing of flow down troughs and incision. From Cambridge English Corpus   This bulge suggests the incipient appearance of a finger of fluid, although the calculations failed before that could be fully realized. From Cambridge English Corpus  
Incipient | definition of incipient by Medical dictionary
I very well understand this is not the fashionable, or possibly the polite way of describing those incipient sentiments which form the germ of love in the virgin affections of young ladies, and that a skillful and refined poet would use very different language on the occasion; but I began this history to represent things as they are, and such is the manner in which "Love's Young Dream" appears ...
incipient - Dictionary Definition :
Incipient means something is in an early stage of existence. In its incipient form, basketball was played with a soccer ball and peach baskets for goals. Bouncy orange balls and nets came later. Incipient comes from the Latin incipere "to begin."
Incipient definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
adjective [ ADJECTIVE noun ] An incipient situation or quality is one that is starting to happen or incipient economic recovery. There were signs of incipient panic.
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Origin of incipient 1580–90; Latin incipient- (stem of incipiēns, present participle of incipere to take in hand, begin), equivalent to in- in- 2 + -cipi- (combining form of capi- take) + -ent- -ent SYNONYMS FOR incipient beginning, nascent, developing.