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Lexicographical order - Wikipedia
In mathematics, the lexicographic or lexicographical order (also known as lexical order, dictionary order, alphabetical order or lexicographic(al) product) is a generalization of the way words are alphabetically ordered based on the alphabetical order of their component letters. This generalization consists primarily in defining a total order over the sequences (often called strings in ...
lexicographical_compare - C++ Reference -
default (1) template bool lexicographical_compare (InputIterator1 first1, InputIterator1 last1, InputIterator2 first2, InputIterator2 last2);
Lexicography | Definition of Lexicography by Merriam-Webster
But lexicography really is patient, slow and yes, sometimes tedious work. — The Economist, "JohnsonA history of slang charts the change in taboos," 19 Oct. 2017
Collation - Wikipedia
Collation is the assembly of written information into a standard order. Many systems of collation are based on numerical order or alphabetical order, or extensions and combinations thereof.Collation is a fundamental element of most office filing systems, library catalogs, and reference books.. Collation differs from classification in that classification is concerned with arranging information ...
Next permutation: When C++ gets it right - Word Aligned
An investigation into a classic algorithm for generating the distinct permutations of a sequence in lexicographical order. A Word Aligned article posted 2009-11-19, tagged Puzzles, C++, Algorithms, Python, Google.
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compilation - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions
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dictionary - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.
set_intersection - C++ Reference
Constructs a sorted range beginning in the location pointed by result with the set intersection of the two sorted ranges [first1,last1) and [first2,last2). The intersection of two sets is formed only by the elements that are present in both sets. The elements copied by the function come always from the first range, in the same order.
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