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Loaner | Definition of Loaner by Merriam-Webster
Loaner definition is - something (such as a car or a watch) that is lent especially as a replacement for something being repaired. How to use loaner in a sentence.
Loaner - definition of loaner by The Free Dictionary
loan·er (lō′nər) n. 1. One that lends something: the loaner of a book. 2. Something, such as a motor vehicle or laptop computer, that is loaned, often as a substitute for an item being repaired. loan•er (ˈloʊ nər) n. 1. one that loans. 2. something, as a car or appliance, that is lent, esp. to replace an item being serviced or repaired ...
Loaner | Definition of Loaner at
Loaner definition, a person or thing that loans. See more.
Loaner dictionary definition | loaner defined
loaner definition: The definition of a loaner is a person who permits something to be borrowed, or is something that is being borrowed temporarily. (noun) If you let a friend borrow your car, this is an example of when you are a loaner. A car that ...
Urban Dictionary: loaner
What one might incorrectly spell the commonly used term "loner" ;)
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