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JSHint Options Reference
JSHint Options This page's content is sourced from the JSHint project repository . If you spot an error, please open an issue or (better yet) make a pull request !
[[FIX]] Report loopfunc for all function types · jshint ...
JSHint is a tool that helps to detect errors and potential problems in your JavaScript code - jshint/jshint
loopfunc & let/const · Issue #3100 · jshint/jshint · GitHub
protect against the mistake loopfunc was originally implemented to avoid. Authors and readers of code like that may expect that each function has a dedicated i binding, but in fact, they all share the same binding.
/*jshint loopfunc: true, browser: true, curly: true ...
/*Using */
C++ Auto-vectorization of STL vector on GCC 4.6.3 - Stack ...
Setup I get curious behaviours when trying to vectorize a code on GCC 4.6.3. In the following is the snippet code using 3 different ways to perform a simple addition. loopFunc() uses pointers.
c++ - Recursive lambda functions in C++11 - Stack Overflow
Recursive lambda functions work perfectly well (at least they do in MSVC, where I have experience with them), it's just that they aren't really compatible with type inference. share | improve this answer
Stanford::DNSserver is an extensive rewrite of the DNS name server code from the original lbnamed. On its way to becoming a module the code was sanitized and modernized. Various patches and suggestions that rolled in over the years were applied and put to good use.
c++ - Fixed point combinator in C++1x - Code Review Stack ...
This has been tested and compiled under Visual Studio 2010. Are there any serious problems with this implementation? PS. This implementation is fully lambda expression based. If I can make fixpoin...
Name access about lambdas in VC++10
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Phantom Omni with Unity - Unity Forum
Phantom Omni with Unity. Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Aldebran, Oct 6, 2011. Aldebran. Joined: Oct 6, 2011 ... (loopFunc hapticRendering); and i have a problem with the last import. If someone can help me? Thanks. Click to expand... Hi I try to use Phantom device in Unity 3D. I would appreciate that if I know you could make this connection?