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Hilarious | Definition of Hilarious by Merriam-Webster
Oswalt shared a screen shot of the hilarious email on Twitter. — CBS News, "Patton Oswalt shares Anthony Bourdain's blunt advice for trip to Paris," 11 June 2018 Of course, the internet took the photos and ran with them, turning the situation into a hilarious new meme.
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Thanks to Funny or Die, you can see the former 30 Rock actress do her best Peter Pan to hilarious effect.
Hilarious - definition of hilarious by The Free Dictionary
On the quarter-deck, the mates and harpooneers were dancing with the olive-hued girls who had eloped with them from the Polynesian Isles; while suspended in an ornamented boat, firmly secured aloft between the foremast and mainmast, three Long Island negroes, with glittering fiddle-bows of whale ivory, were presiding over the hilarious jig.
hilarious - Dictionary Definition :
Hilarious is an adjective that describes a high degree of humor. Things that are funny can cause you to smile or giggle, but when something is hilarious, it causes you to laugh out loud. Of course, what's hilarious to me might not be to you.
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The moderator had some difficulty in restoring order to the hilarious meeting. All were hugely amused, but one, Mr. Pulcifer, was hilarious. Señoras and señoritas are hilarious, and little children clap their hands. They were a wild, hilarious party, careless and irresponsible. The dance began with a swirl of noise and hilarious confusion.
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hilarious definition: The definition of hilarious is someone or something that is very, very funny. (adjective) An example of hilarious is a movie that you simply cannot stop laughing at.... Definitions
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Slang is indeed by turns undignified, entertaining, hilarious, affectionate, revolting, and insulting, and more than any other register of language represents the many moods, attitudes, and prejudices of individuals.