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Namaste (Namah + te, Devanagari: नम:+ ते = नमस्ते) is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of the word namah and the second person dative pronoun in its enclitic form, te.
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Namaste definition, a conventional Hindu expression on meeting or parting, used by the speaker usually while holding the palms together vertically in front of the bosom.
Urban Dictionary: Namaste
an ancient Sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India and especially on the trail in the Nepal Himalaya. Translated roughly, it means "I bow to the God within you", or "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you" - a knowing that we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness.
Understanding the True Power of 'Namaste'
Namaste is more than a closing for yoga class. Explore the tradition behind the Hindu greeting and salutation and learn its spiritual significance.
Definition of Namaste - Living Words of Wisdom
The definition of Namaste (pronounced na, ma, stay) is both a physical gesture and a spoken spiritual salutation, which is the recognition of the divine spirit (or soul) in another by the divine spiri
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Interjection []. namaste. Literally "I bow to you"; used as a greeting or acknowledgement of the equality of all, which pays honor to the sacredness of all.. 2013, Susan Clare, Namaste Baby: A Journey to Surrogacy in India, Troubador Publishing Ltd →ISBN, page 241
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The Meaning Of Namaste - mindbodygreen
What do we mean when we say "namaste?" It's not what you might imagine. We hear it as we exit yoga class. We may even hear it after an encounter or meeting with a friend. It directly translates to "the divine in me bows to the divine in you." "[Namaste] is the equivalent of hello, but with an ...
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I am a yoga instructor and I am always looking for good background music -- something that provides a nice backdrop to yoga practice, but isn't distracting.