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OnExit() - Syntax & Usage | AutoHotkey
OnExit() [v1.1.20+] OnExit (Func , AddRemove) Parameters Func. A function name or function object to call when the script is exiting. The function can optionally define parameters as shown below. If an OnExit function returns a non-zero integer, the script does not exit. Otherwise, the script exits after all registered functions are called.
Application.OnExit(ExitEventArgs) Method (System.Windows ...
OnExit raises the Exit event. A type that derives from Application may override the OnExit method. The overridden method must call OnExit in the base class if Exit needs to be raised.
_onexit, _onexit_m | Microsoft Docs
The _onexit function is passed the address of a function (function) to be called when the program terminates normally. Successive calls to _onexit create a register of functions that are executed in LIFO (last-in-first-out) order. The functions passed to _onexit cannot take parameters.
TextBox.OnExit property (Access) | Microsoft Docs
expression A variable that represents a TextBox object.
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When onExit() will be executed? - SAP Q&A
Hi, Documentation tells that onExit() calls by framework when view is destroyed. Does any one know whether Controller\'s onExit() will be called either on page \"refresh\" OR closing browser tab.? Thanks, Srinath
Xamarin.Forms - OnStop(), OnExit(), OnClose() - Stack Overflow
The OnSleep() Method which can be overridden in the App.xaml.cs is the Method you are looking for. The Xamarin Application LifeCycle offers some methods for your needs. OnStart - Called when the application starts. OnSleep - Called each time the application goes to the background.
Javascript "script" OnExit or OnClose?! - Experts-Exchange
Hello, I have a question that I'm trying to find this question an answer for some time. Maybe you can help me. I coded a poll system on PHP. I want the poll window to popup when user closes the...
atexit - C++ Reference -
If more than one atexit function has been specified by different calls to this function, they are all executed in reverse order as a stack (i.e. the last function specified is the first to be executed at exit). A single function can be registered to be executed at exit more than once.
c# - WPF application OnExit event - Stack Overflow
I have a WPF application with a main Window. In App.xaml.cs, in the OnExit event, I would like to use a method from my MainWindow code behind... public partial class App { private MainWindow