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Profanity | Definition of Profanity by Merriam-Webster
The comic uses too much profanity. My mom will not tolerate profanity. I have never heard my father utter a single profanity.
Profanity - Wikipedia
Profanity is socially offensive language, which may also be called curse words, cuss words, swear words, crude language, coarse language, oaths, blasphemous language, vulgar language, lewd language, choice words, or expletives.. Used in this sense, profanity is language that is generally considered by a culture to be strongly impolite, rude or offensive. It can show a debasement of someone or ...
Profanity - definition of profanity by The Free Dictionary
air one’s lungs To curse or swear. American cowboy slang. billingsgate Vulgar or obscene language. The reference is to the coarse language commonly heard at Billingsgate, a London fishmarket.
Urban Dictionary: profanity
The ability to use profanity so well, that those around you can't do anything but applaud your rudeness.Mainly used by bad drivers and high school students, although it has been mastered by thousands of people worldwide.
Profanity legal definition of profanity - Legal Dictionary
Profanity Irreverence towards sacred things; particularly, an irreverent or blasphemous use of the name of God. Vulgar, irreverent, or coarse language. The use of certain profane or obscene language on the radio or television is a federal offense, but in other situations, profanity might fall within the protection of the constitutional guarantee of ...
Profanity - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Profanity means swear words. The adjective is 'profane'. Profanities can also be called curse ("cuss") words, dirty words, bad words, foul language, obscenity, obscene language, or expletives.
profanity - Dictionary Definition :
Profanity is a type of language that includes dirty words and ideas. Swear words, obscene gestures, and naughty jokes are all considered profanity.
PROFANITY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
profanity definition: 1. (an example of) showing no respect for a god or a religion, especially through language 2. an offensive or obscene word or phrase: 3. words that are offensive because of not respecting religion, or ofensive because of being rude: . Learn more.