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xkcd: Tabletop Roleplaying
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.
Advanced Expression Manipulation — SymPy 1.1.1 documentation
Advanced Expression Manipulation¶. In this section, we discuss some ways that we can perform advanced manipulation of expressions.
Reconciliation - React
React provides a declarative API so that you don’t have to worry about exactly what changes on every update. This makes writing applications a lot easier, but it might not be obvious how this is implemented within React.
CyLog Software - WildRename
WildRename v2.15 ©1997-2008 CyLog Software. WildRename is a multi-file renaming application for Microsoft Windows users. Its very simple user interface helps you build and perform many file renaming operations one-by-one or in batches.
Speeding up LINQ to SQL - Albahari
Speeding up LINQ to SQL. There are a number of ways to improve the performance of LINQ to SQL queries. 1. Cache the Mapping Source. When executing large LINQ to SQL queries (those involving many tables), LINQ to SQL's object relational mapper incurs a significant overhead in building the internal metamodel.
Recursive dictionary definition | recursive defined
The definition of recursive is using the same formula or operation on a result to create the next result, or repeatedly returning to the same point.
Vispa : Connect with Confidence
How can we help? Vispa clearly understands that everyone's needs from the Internet are different and subsequently offer a range of flexible packages to meet those individual needs.
PowerDNS - Wikipedia
PowerDNS is a DNS server, written in C++ and licensed under the GPL.It runs on most Unix derivatives. PowerDNS features a large number of different backends ranging from simple BIND style zonefiles to relational databases and load balancing/failover algorithms.
rsync examples - backing up using rsync command explained
rsync examples - rsync is a great tool for backing up and restoring files.
Promises/A+. An open standard for sound, interoperable JavaScript promises—by implementers, for implementers. A promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation.