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Reel | Definition of Reel by Merriam-Webster
Reel definition is - a revolvable device on which something flexible is wound: such as. How to use reel in a sentence.
Reel | Definition of Reel at
Reel definition, a cylinder, frame, or other device that turns on an axis and is used to wind up or pay out something. See more.
Reel - Wikipedia
A reel is an object around which lengths of another material (usually long and flexible) are wound for storage. Generally a reel has a cylindrical core and walls on the sides to retain the material wound around the core. In some cases the core is hollow, although other items may be mounted on it, and grips may exist for mechanically turning the reel.
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REEL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
reel definition: 1. a round, wheel-shaped object on which sewing thread, fishing wire, film, etc. can be rolled, or the amount of thread, etc. stored on one of these 2. a fast Scottish or Irish dance, or the music for this 3. to walk, moving from side to side, looking like you are going to fall: . Learn more.
Reel - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
between the jigs and the reels That which happens among, despite, or because of great confusion, chaos, or disarray; between or because of one thing and another. Primarily heard in Ireland. I was resolved to leave work early that day, but then the boss called a last-minute meeting, the printer stopped working, and I got put on hold with a client for ...
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reel - Dictionary Definition :
A reel is a cylinder that can be wound with flexible material like film or fishing line. If you found dozens of reels of old home movies in your grandparents' attic, you'd search for a projector.
reel - Wiktionary
A shaky or unsteady gait. 2010, Andrew Koppelman, The Gay Rights Question in Contemporary American Law (page 92) Doubtless the present game of chess was developed through just such fiddling; perhaps someone once thought that the drunken reel of the knight was hostile to the essence of Chess.· A lively dance originating in Scotland; also, the music of ...
Reel | dance |
Reel: Reel, genre of social folk dance, Celtic in origin. It is a variety of country dance in which the dancers perform traveling figures alternating with “setting” steps danced in one place. Reels may be for sets of two or more couples. The music is in quick 24 or 44 time and usually has an insistent