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Replicate | Definition of Replicate by Merriam-Webster
Verb. They are working on computer-generated speech that replicates the human voice. DNA replicates itself in the cell nucleus. DNA replicates in the cell nucleus.
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verb (used with object), rep·li·cat·ed, rep·li·cat·ing. to bend or fold back: a replicated leaf. to repeat, duplicate, or reproduce, especially for experimental purposes.
Replicate - definition of replicate by The Free Dictionary
2. Biology To reproduce or make an exact copy or copies of (genetic material, a cell, or an organism).
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replicate | Definition of replicate in English by Oxford ...
‘A single egg cell replicates itself, and the offspring cells in turn replicate themselves, and so on.’ ‘Instead of creating new cell material, the cell is confused and replicates the virus, which then replicates itself and spreads throughout the body.’
Replicate dictionary definition | replicate defined
Bot. folded back on itself, as a leaf · Statistics any of the individual experiments in a replication · to fold; bend back to repeat, duplicate, copy, reproduce, etc. Rare to reply · to be replicated or to undergo replication