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Species | Definition of Species by Merriam-Webster
Kids Definition of species 1 : a group of similar living things that ranks below the genus in scientific classification and is made up of individuals able to produce offspring with one another The one-humped camel is a different species from the two-humped camel.
Species (1995) - IMDb
Directed by Roger Donaldson. With Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina. A group of scientists try to track down and trap a killer alien seductress before she successfully mates with a human.
Species - Wikipedia
A species is often defined as the largest group of organisms in which any two individuals of the appropriate sexes or mating types can produce fertile offspring, typically by sexual reproduction. Other ways of defining species include their karyotype, DNA sequence, morphology, behaviour or ecological niche.
species | Definition, Types, & Examples | Britannica
Species, in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding. This biological species concept is widely used in biology and related fields of study. There are more than 20 other different species concepts, however.
Species - definition of species by The Free Dictionary
n. pl. species 1. Biology A group of closely related organisms that are very similar to each other and are usually capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring. 2.
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the major subdivision of a genus or subgenus, regarded as the basic category of biological classification, composed of related individuals that resemble one another, are able to breed among themselves, but are not able to breed with members of another species.
Species (1995) - Rotten Tomatoes
Species shows flashes of the potential to blend exploitation and sci-fi horror in ingenious ways, but is ultimately mainly interested in flashing star Natasha Henstridge's skin.
Species (film) - Wikipedia
Species is a 1995 American science fiction horror film directed by Roger Donaldson and written by Dennis Feldman. It stars Natasha Henstridge (in her film debut role), Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Alfred Molina, Forest Whitaker and Marg Helgenberger.
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Species (1995) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
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