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Starting and Shutting Down the Listener - Oracle
The Oracle listener is set up to start automatically whenever your server machine is restarted. However, when your system encounters unforeseen circumstances, or when you have manually stopped the listener, you can restart it at the command line.
Oracle LSNRCTL – Listener Shutdown and Startup Procedures
If you want to start a specific listener, specify the listener name next to start. i.e lsnrctl start [listener-name] $ lsnrctl start LSNRCTL for Linux: Version - Production on 04-APR-2009 16:27:42 Copyright (c) 1991, 2007, Oracle.
How do I start the listener service?
I installed Oracle Developer 9i DS in the C: drive and Oracle8 SQL for NT on the D: drive on a Windows operating system. When I start the Forms Developer and compile it, I get the message "FRM-10142, start the oracle listener."
Stopping and Starting Oracle Software - Oracle Help Center
Run the following command to determine the listener name and Oracle home directory for the Oracle Net listener that you want to stop: $ ps -ef | grep tnslsnr This command displays a list of the Oracle Net listeners running on the system.
For each START LISTENER for TCP/IP request, the address and port combination is added to the list of combinations upon which the listener is currently listening. A START LISTENER for TCP/IP request fails if it specifies the same, or a subset or superset of an existing, combination of addresses and ports upon which a TCP/IP listener is currently listening.
Verifying that the Oracle TNS listener is running - SORT Home
To verify that the Oracle TNS listener is running. Log on to the Enterprise Reporter Management Server. In an operating system console, change to the following directory:
Listener (Windows) -
A listener is used by the client to accept an incoming channel from a service.
Lsnrctl - Oracle FAQ
In the examples below, listener_name will refer to the name of the listener as defined in the listener.ora file. If you have not changed the listener's name, then it would be called LISTENER (the default).
RAC stop/start listener tips - Burleson Oracle Consulting
Question: I have a RAC environment, and I need the batch commands to be able to start and stop the listeners on all of the RAC nodes.
Restart Scan Listener | Helmut's RAC / JEE Blog
Helmut's RAC / JEE Blog. ... SCAN listener LISTENER_SCAN3 is running on node grac2 Restart scan Listener LISTENER_SCAN2: $ srvctl start scan_listener -i 2 Verify new ...