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Stubborn | Definition of Stubborn by Merriam-Webster
Stubborn as a Mule (Or Some Other Animal). Most of us are familiar with the expression stubborn as a mule, which some feel is unfair to this hybrid animal.In fairness to the mule, let us look at some of the other animals that the English language has seen fit to equate with stubbornness over the years.
Stubborn | Define Stubborn at
1. contrary, intractable, refractory, unyielding, headstrong, obdurate. 2. persevering. Stubborn, dogged, obstinate, persistent imply fixity of purpose or condition and resistance to change. Stubborn and obstinate both imply resistance to advice, entreaty, remonstrance, or force; but stubborn implies more of innate quality and is the more frequently used when referring to inanimate things ...
Stubborn - definition of stubborn by The Free Dictionary
syn: stubborn, obstinate, dogged, persistent imply fixity of purpose or condition and resistance to change. stubborn and obstinate both imply resistance to advice, entreaty, protest, or force; but stubborn implies an innate characteristic and is the term usu. used when referring to inanimate things: a stubborn child; a stubborn lock; an obstinate customer.
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Synonyms for stubborn at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for stubborn.
STUBBORN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
stubborn definition: 1. A stubborn person is determined to do what he or she wants and refuses to do anything else: 2. Things that are stubborn are difficult to move, change, or deal with: 3. opposed to change or suggestion: . Learn more.
Stubborn - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
be (as) stubborn as a mule To be very devoted to a particular opinion or course of action, especially when faced with opposition. My toddler is as stubborn as a mule and has a tantrum every night at bedtime because he doesn't want to stop playing. You'll never get Rich to change his opinion—he's stubborn as a mule. See also: mule, stubborn (as ...
stubborn - Dictionary Definition :
Use the adjective stubborn to describe someone who is not open to new ideas or ways of doing things, like your uncle who refuses to listen to any music made after 1990.Stubborn is the opposite of flexible.
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stubborn - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions
Stubborn Synonyms, Stubborn Antonyms - Merriam-Webster
sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion heʼs just being stubborn, refusing even to try the new toothpaste
stubborn - Wiktionary
The extremely low number of control plants infected by stubborn disease suggests that natural spread of stubborn in the vicinity of the experiments is much slower than that reported for psylla-borne greening in South Africa (Schwarz, 1964).