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Used to start and stop defining a SubWindow Setting a title will override the name as a title for the SubWindow. Setting modal to True, will prevent the user from interacting with the parent window until the SubWindow is closed. Setting transient to True, will cause the SubWindow to respond to parent window events such as hide, show & move.
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subwindow. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English Etymology . sub-+‎ window. Noun . subwindow (plural subwindows) (computing, graphical user interface) A window making up part of a larger composite window.
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subwindow definition: Noun (plural subwindows) 1. (computing, graphical user interface) A window making up part of a larger composite window.Origin sub- +‎ window...
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Definition of subwindow in the dictionary. Meaning of subwindow. What does subwindow mean? Information and translations of subwindow in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
GLUT Subwindow Template - CodeProject
A subwindow can also be the parent of other subwindow(s), and thus subwindows could be nested arbitrarily deep. Below are the variables relating to subwindow 1 position relative to the main window, subwindow 1 dimensions and its id.
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The top subwindow lists all available curves of the determination with the evaluated peak heights. Im obersten Unterfenster werden alle verfügbaren Bestimmungskurven und die ermittelten Peakhöhen aufgelistet.
4.2 glutCreateSubWindow - OpenGL
glutCreateSubWindow creates a subwindow of the window identified by win of size width and height at location x and y within the current window. Implicitly, the current window is set to the newly created subwindow. Each created window has a unique associated OpenGL context. State changes to a window's associated OpenGL context can be done ...
QMdiSubWindow Class Reference - PyQt download
QMdiSubWindow has its own layout, which consists of the title bar and a center area for the internal widget. The most common way to construct a QMdiSubWindow is to call QMdiArea.addSubWindow() with the internal widget as the argument. You can also create a subwindow yourself, and set an internal widget by calling setWidget().
IDA18 Regional Sub-Window for Refugees and Host ...
The IDA18 regional sub-window for refugees and host communities provides $2 billion of dedicated funding to help low-income countries hosting large numbers of refugees.. This funding recognizes the significant challenge that these countries face in pursuing their own development goals while accommodating refugees, often in areas where local communities themselves lack basic services and resources.