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Superpose | Definition of Superpose by Merriam-Webster
2: to lay (something, such as a geometric figure) upon another so as to make all like parts coincide
SuperPose can manage the sequence and structure alignments (default), or you can specify which residues you wish to align by filling in the following text boxes (doing so will override all other automated alignments and alignment options).
Superpose - definition of superpose by The Free Dictionary
D'entree de jeu, il situe son intention de recuser un certain [much less than] courant de pensee specifique [much greater than] qu'il a percu dans l'histoire quebecoise, lequel presuppose que [much less than] la modernisation se superpose a l'idee generale du caractere necessairement areligieux de la modernite : la perspective d'une divergence particuliere et prononcee entre catholicisme et ...
Superpose | Define Superpose at
verb (used with object), su·per·posed, su·per·pos·ing. to place above or upon something else, or one upon another. Geometry. to place (one figure) in the space occupied by another, so that the two figures coincide throughout their whole extent.
Superpose dictionary definition | superpose defined
transitive verb-·posed′, -·pos′ing to lay or place on, over, or above something else; Geom. to make (one figure) coincide with another in all parts, by or as if by placing one on top of the other Origin of superpose. French superposer from Classical Latin superpositus, past participle of superponere, to place over: see super- and pose
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Now it is the same thing with symmetric spherical triangles; we cannot superpose them. We may give isolated single taps or superpose a series in rapid succession according as the wheel is rotated slow or fast.
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superpose is a design collaborative with members from various cultural backgrounds, built on sharing and assisting, and a multitude of ideas and knowledge. superpose regards discussion and communication as a source of good design. superpose does not subscribe to a personal aesthetic, but wants to ca
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Superpose is a very effective and time saving tool to remove non-static objects out of a set of pictures or an image sequence with static camera.
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