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Subscript and superscript - Wikipedia
A subscript or superscript is a character (number, letter or symbol) that is (respectively) set slightly below or above the normal line of type.It is usually smaller than the rest of the text. Subscripts appear at or below the baseline, while superscripts are above.Subscripts and superscripts are perhaps most often used in formulas, mathematical expressions, and specifications of chemical ...
Superscript - definition of superscript by The Free Dictionary
Define superscript. superscript synonyms, superscript pronunciation, superscript translation, English dictionary definition of superscript. n. A character set, printed, or written above and immediately to one side of another: In x2 the superscript is 2. su′per·script adj. adj printing written or...
Superscript | Definition of Superscript by Merriam-Webster
Superscript definition is - a distinguishing symbol (such as a numeral or letter) written immediately above or above and to the right or left of another character.
What does superscripted mean? -
Definition of superscripted in the dictionary. Meaning of superscripted. What does superscripted mean? Information and translations of superscripted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
What is Superscript? - Computer Hope
Creating superscript in Microsoft Word. To superscript text in Microsoft Word, highlight the text you want to superscript and then click the superscript button, which is the X 2 option in the Font section of the toolbar.
Superscript Generator ― LingoJam
Superscript Generator. advertisement. Send. This translator generates superscript (ˢᵘᵖᵉʳˢᶜʳᶦᵖᵗ) which you can copy and paste. It is actually converting your text into a subset of the Unicode standard. This is why you're able to copy and paste it around the place (e.g. facebook, tumblr, twitter, reddit, instagram etc.). It's ...
Format text as superscript or subscript - Office Support
Format text as superscript or subscript. ... However you can add superscripted symbols such as ™ or ®. Click or tap where you want to put a superscript symbol. Select Edit > Emoji & Symbols, or press , Ctrl and Space. Scroll the bottom line to show Letterlike Symbols.
HTML sup tag - W3Schools
Definition and Usage. The tag defines superscript text. Superscript text appears half a character above the normal line, and is sometimes rendered in a smaller font.
How to Create Superscript and Subscript in MS Word: 8 Steps
How to Create Superscript and Subscript in MS Word. Superscript and subscript allow you to type characters that appear above or below the normal text line. These characters appear smaller than standard text, and are traditionally used for...
Unicode subscripts and superscripts - Wikipedia
Unicode has subscripted and superscripted versions of a number of characters including a full set of Arabic numerals. These characters allow any polynomial, chemical and certain other equations to be represented in plain text without using any form of markup like HTML or TeX.. The World Wide Web Consortium and the Unicode Consortium have made recommendations on the choice between using markup ...