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Visceral | Definition of Visceral by Merriam-Webster
The "viscera" are the internal organs of the body-especially those located in the large cavity of the trunk (e.g., the heart, liver, and intestines). The word viscera comes from Latin, in which it has essentially the same meaning. Something "visceral" has to do with the viscera.
Visceral - definition of visceral by The Free Dictionary
Define visceral. visceral synonyms, visceral pronunciation, visceral translation, English dictionary definition of visceral. adj. 1. Relating to, situated in, or affecting the viscera. 2. Being or arising from impulse or sudden emotion rather than from thought or deliberation:...
Visceral | Definition of Visceral at
Visceral definition, of or relating to the viscera. See more.
visceral - Dictionary Definition :
When something's visceral, you feel it in your guts. A visceral feeling is intuitive — there might not be a rational explanation, but you feel that you know what's best, like your visceral reaction against egg salad. Your hatred of mice may not be rational, but it is visceral, and every time you see one, you feel like you're going to faint.
VISCERAL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
visceral adjective (EMOTIONAL) based on deep feeling and emotional reactions rather than on reason or thought : visceral hatred / excitement His approach to acting is visceral rather than intellectual.
Visceral | Definition of Visceral by Lexico
‘A visceral pleural line is seen without distal lung markings.’ ‘Its decline is associated with renal failure and visceral gout.’ ‘In the chest, the tumors can arise from either the visceral or parietal pleura.’ ‘Some of this fluid crosses the visceral pleura and accumulates as a small sterile pleural effusion.’
Definition of Visceral - MedicineNet
Visceral: Referring to the viscera, the internal organs of the body, specifically those within the chest (as the heart or lungs) or abdomen (as the liver, pancreas or intestines). In a figurative sense, something "visceral" is felt "deep down." It is a "gut feeling." CONTINUE SCROLLING OR CLICK HERE FOR RELATED SLIDESHOW
Visceral Synonyms, Visceral Antonyms |
There are thus five visceral folds to four visceral clefts (figs. 112 and 113). Behind the mouth are three well-marked pairs of visceral arches. The visceral arches of Fishes, especially of the Teleostei, are usually provided with a series of membrane bones. MORE RELATED WORDS FOR VISCERAL
Visceral Fat: What It Is and How to Get Rid of It
Visceral fat is a type of body fat that’s stored within the abdominal cavity. It’s located near several vital organs, including the liver, stomach, and intestines. It can also build up in the...
How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat -
Visceral fat is commonly known as belly fat. It’s found inside your abdominal cavity and wraps around your internal organs. It’s hard to judge how much visceral fat you have. However, a protruding...